Who We Are

The District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board works to provide human services and help people out.  We help people to put an affordable roof over their heads, we make sure an ambulance takes you to hospital when needed, we help you find affordable childcare so that you can go to work to support your family, and we’re there when a little support can make a world of difference during a rough patch in your life.

We’re the organization that in 2011 served approximately 10,000 people through our direct housing, childcare, and social assistance pDistrict Map.jpgrograms.  To that you can add the 20,000 people who called for an ambulance and the additional people who benefited from programs and services operated by our many service delivery partners who receive funding from us. That’s a lot of people when you consider the population of the District is approximately 87,000 people.

The Board, with the support of Administration staff, is responsible for the delivery of social services, such as Ontario Works, Childcare related programs, Social Housing and Emergency Medical Services/Land Ambulance throughout the District of Nipissing.  The DNSSAB Strategic Plan guides the Board and Administration through to the end of 2014.

The Board was officially designated as a delivery agent for Ontario Works in 1999 following the enactment of the District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) Act in 1998, and evolved from a District Welfare Administration Board.  The Nipissing DSSAB (DNSSAB) is among 10 Boards created in Northern Ontario to deliver social programs in an integrated manner with their jurisdictions.

The jurisdiction of the DNSSAB covers 17,000 square kilometers and includes 11 municipalities, two First Nations, and two unorganized areas – Nipissing North and Nipissing South.  The Board is made up of 12 Municipal councillors and elected members from the townships without municipal organization, who exercise powers, duties and responsibilities relating to Social Services.  Shared responsibilities with the Province, Municipalities and staff are combined within the DNSSAB.

Learn more about what we do, who we serve, and who work with in our community by viewing our Strategic Plan Report Card.




Ontario Works is an active employment program designed to assist persons in need including single people, couples with and without children, and sole support parents, through the provision of financial assistance and employment supports. The goal of Ontario Works (OW) is to assist people to become self-sufficient by providing the necessary tools and support to move to sustainable employment.  Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) is a component of Ontario Works providing additional supports teen and young adult parents.  



The Housing Services department is responsible for the administration of housing and homelessness programs under the authority of the Housing Services Act, 2011. The DNSSAB is responsible for the funding and the administration of 2526 provincial and federal social housing units and 238 rent supplement units. In addition, the DNSSAB delivers various affordable housing programs to increase the supply of affordable housing for a range of families and individuals in Nipissing, and provides some assistive housing units.



As a service system manager, DNSSAB’s Children’s Services plays a vital role in promoting healthy child development and quality early learning experiences that help to set the stage for future learning.​ The Children’s Services department is primarily responsible for determining the financial eligibility of families who apply for a child care fee subsidy to help defray the cost of licensed child care.  The department allocates funding to Family Resource Program, Special Needs Resource program, and Nipissing Best Start.



The Emergency Medical Services department contracts land ambulance services to the North Bay, Mattawa and West Nipissing General Hospital, South Algonquin and the town of Temagami.  The department operates the fleet maintenance for all emergency vehicles in the District of Nipissing.  There are three Emergency First Response Teams in the District (East Ferris, Field and Phelps).



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